Apache DataFu™

Apache DataFu (incubating) 1.3.3 Released

Matthew Hayes

I'd like to announce the release of Apache DataFu (incubating) 1.3.3.


  • UDF for hash functions such as murmur3 and others. (DATAFU-47)
  • UDF for diffing tuples. (DATAFU-119)
  • Support for macros in DataFu. Macros count_all_non_distinct and count_distinct_keys were added. (DATAFU-123)
  • Macro for TFIDF. (DATAFU-61)


  • Added lifecylce hooks to ContextualEvalFunc. (DATAFU-50)
  • SessionCount and Sessionize now support millisecond precision. (DATAFU-124)
  • Upgraded to Guava 20.0. (DATAFU-48)
  • Updated Gradle to 3.5.1. (DATAFU-125)
  • Rat tasks automatically run during assemble. (DATAFU-118)
  • Building now works on Windows. (DATAFU-99)

The source release can be obtained from:


Artifacts for DataFu are published in Apache's Maven Repository:


Please visit the Download page for instructions on building from source or retrieving the artifacts in your build system.