Class SessionCount

  extended by org.apache.pig.EvalFunc<T>
      extended by org.apache.pig.AccumulatorEvalFunc<java.lang.Long>
          extended by datafu.pig.sessions.SessionCount
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SessionCount
extends org.apache.pig.AccumulatorEvalFunc<java.lang.Long>

Performs a count of events, ignoring events which occur within the same time window.

This is useful for tasks such as counting the number of page views per user since it: a) prevent reloads and go-backs from overcounting actual views b) captures the notion that views across multiple sessions are more meaningful

Input must be sorted ascendingly by time for this UDF to work.


 %declare TIME_WINDOW  10m
 define SessionCount datafu.pig.sessions.SessionCount('$TIME_WINDOW');
 views = LOAD 'views' as (user_id:int, page_id:int, time:chararray);
 views_grouped = GROUP views by (user_id, page_id);
 view_counts = FOREACH views_grouped { 
   views = order views by time;
   generate group.user_id as user_id, 
            group.page_id as page_id, 
            SessionCount(views.(time)) as count; }

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.apache.pig.EvalFunc
log, pigLogger, reporter, returnType
Constructor Summary
SessionCount(java.lang.String timeSpec)
Method Summary
 void accumulate( input)
 void cleanup()
 java.lang.Long getValue()
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Constructor Detail


public SessionCount(java.lang.String timeSpec)
Method Detail


public void accumulate( input)
Specified by:
accumulate in interface org.apache.pig.Accumulator<java.lang.Long>
Specified by:
accumulate in class org.apache.pig.AccumulatorEvalFunc<java.lang.Long>


public java.lang.Long getValue()
Specified by:
getValue in interface org.apache.pig.Accumulator<java.lang.Long>
Specified by:
getValue in class org.apache.pig.AccumulatorEvalFunc<java.lang.Long>


public void cleanup()
Specified by:
cleanup in interface org.apache.pig.Accumulator<java.lang.Long>
Specified by:
cleanup in class org.apache.pig.AccumulatorEvalFunc<java.lang.Long>

Matthew Hayes, Sam Shah