DataFu 1.2.0

datafu.pig.bags A collection of general purpose UDFs for operating on bags.
datafu.pig.geo UDFs for geographic computations.
datafu.pig.hash UDFs for computing hashes from data.
datafu.pig.linkanalysis UDFs for performing link analysis, such as PageRank.
datafu.pig.random UDFs dealing with randomness.
datafu.pig.sampling Sampling UDFs, including weighted sample, reservoir sampling, sampling by key, etc.
datafu.pig.sessions UDFs for sessionizing data.
datafu.pig.sets UDFs for set operations such as intersect and union.
datafu.pig.stats Statistics UDFs for computing median, quantiles, variance, confidence intervals, etc.
datafu.pig.urls UDFs for processing URLs.
datafu.pig.util Other useful utilities.


Matthew Hayes, Sam Shah