Class StreamingQuantile

  extended by org.apache.pig.EvalFunc<T>
      extended by org.apache.pig.AccumulatorEvalFunc<>
          extended by datafu.pig.stats.StreamingQuantile
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public class StreamingQuantile
extends org.apache.pig.AccumulatorEvalFunc<>

Computes approximate quantiles for a (not necessarily sorted) input bag, using the Munro-Paterson algorithm.

The algorithm is described here:

The implementation is based on the one in Sawzall, available here:

N.B., all the data is pushed to a single reducer per key, so make sure some partitioning is done (e.g., group by 'day') if the data is too large. That is, this isn't distributed quantiles.

Note that unlike datafu's standard Quantile algorithm, the Munro-Paterson algorithm gives approximate quantiles and does not require the input bag to be sorted. Because it implements accumulate, StreamingQuantile can be much more efficient than Quantile for large amounts of data which do not fit in memory. Quantile must spill to disk when the input data is too large to fit in memory, which will contribute to longer runtimes.

The constructor takes a single integer argument that specifies the number of evenly-spaced quantiles to compute, e.g.,

Alternatively the constructor can take the explicit list of quantiles to compute, e.g.

The list of quantiles need not span the entire range from 0.0 to 1.0, nor do they need to be evenly spaced, e.g.

Be aware when specifying the list of quantiles in this way that more quantiles may be computed internally than are actually returned. The GCD of the quantiles is found and this determines the number of evenly spaced quantiles to compute. The requested quantiles are then returned from this set. For instance:

The error on the approximation goes down as the number of buckets computed goes up.


 define Quantile datafu.pig.stats.StreamingQuantile('5');

 -- input: 9,10,2,3,5,8,1,4,6,7
 input = LOAD 'input' AS (val:int);

 grouped = GROUP input ALL;

 -- produces: (1.0,3.0,5.0,8.0,10.0)
 quantiles = FOREACH grouped generate Quantile(input);

See Also:
StreamingMedian, Quantile

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StreamingQuantile(java.lang.String... k)
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 void accumulate( b)
 void cleanup()
 org.apache.pig.impl.logicalLayer.schema.Schema outputSchema(org.apache.pig.impl.logicalLayer.schema.Schema input)
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Constructor Detail


public StreamingQuantile(java.lang.String... k)
Method Detail


public void accumulate( b)
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accumulate in interface org.apache.pig.Accumulator<>
Specified by:
accumulate in class org.apache.pig.AccumulatorEvalFunc<>


public void cleanup()
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cleanup in interface org.apache.pig.Accumulator<>
Specified by:
cleanup in class org.apache.pig.AccumulatorEvalFunc<>


public getValue()
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getValue in interface org.apache.pig.Accumulator<>
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getValue in class org.apache.pig.AccumulatorEvalFunc<>


public org.apache.pig.impl.logicalLayer.schema.Schema outputSchema(org.apache.pig.impl.logicalLayer.schema.Schema input)
outputSchema in class org.apache.pig.EvalFunc<>

Matthew Hayes, Sam Shah