Package datafu.pig.util

Other useful utilities.


Class Summary
AliasableEvalFunc<T> Makes implementing and using UDFs easier by enabling named parameters.
Assert Deprecated. Use AssertUDF instead.
AssertUDF Filter function which asserts that a value is true.
BoolToInt UDF which converts a Boolean to an Integer.
Coalesce Returns the first non-null value from a tuple, just like COALESCE in SQL.
ContextualEvalFunc<T> An abstract class which enables UDFs to store instance properties on the front end which will be available on the back end.
In Deprecated. Use InUDF instead.
IntToBool UDF which converts an Integer to a Boolean.
InUDF Similar to the SQL IN function, this function provides a convenient way to filter using a logical disjunction over many values.
SimpleEvalFunc<T> Uses reflection to makes writing simple wrapper Pig UDFs easier.
TransposeTupleToBag Performs a transpose on a tuple, resulting in a bag of key, value fields where the key is the column name and the value is the value of that column in the tuple.

Exception Summary
FieldNotFound Thrown by {see AliasableEvalFunc} when attempting to access an unknown field by name.

Package datafu.pig.util Description

Other useful utilities.

Matthew Hayes, Sam Shah