Class AssertUDF

  extended by org.apache.pig.EvalFunc<java.lang.Boolean>
      extended by org.apache.pig.FilterFunc
          extended by datafu.pig.util.AssertUDF
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public class AssertUDF
extends org.apache.pig.FilterFunc

Filter function which asserts that a value is true.

Unfortunately, the Pig interpreter doesn't recognize boolean expressions nested as function arguments, so this uses C-style booleans. That is, the first argument should be an integer. 0 is interpreted as "false", and anything else is considered "true". The function will cause the Pig script to fail if a "false" value is encountered.

There is a unary and a binary version. The unary version just takes a boolean, and throws out a generic exception message when the assertion is violated. The binary version takes a String as a second argument and throws that out when the assertion is violated.


 FILTER members BY AssertUDF( (member_id >= 0 ? 1 : 0), 'Doh! Some member ID is negative.' );

Field Summary
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log, pigLogger, reporter, returnType
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Method Summary
 java.lang.Boolean exec( tuple)
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Constructor Detail


public AssertUDF()
Method Detail


public java.lang.Boolean exec( tuple)
Specified by:
exec in class org.apache.pig.EvalFunc<java.lang.Boolean>

Matthew Hayes, Sam Shah