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Packages that use SimpleEvalFunc
datafu.pig.bags A collection of general purpose UDFs for operating on bags. 
datafu.pig.geo UDFs for geographic computations. 
datafu.pig.hash UDFs for computing hashes from data. 
datafu.pig.random UDFs dealing with randomness. 
datafu.pig.stats Statistics UDFs for computing median, quantiles, variance, confidence intervals, etc. 
datafu.pig.urls UDFs for processing URLs. 
datafu.pig.util Other useful utilities. 

Uses of SimpleEvalFunc in datafu.pig.bags

Subclasses of SimpleEvalFunc in datafu.pig.bags
 class AppendToBag
          Appends a tuple to a bag.
 class FirstTupleFromBag
          Returns the first tuple from a bag.
 class PrependToBag
          Prepends a tuple to a bag.
 class ReverseEnumerate
          Enumerate a bag, appending to each tuple its index within the bag, with indices being produced in descending order.

Uses of SimpleEvalFunc in datafu.pig.geo

Subclasses of SimpleEvalFunc in datafu.pig.geo
 class HaversineDistInMiles
          Computes the distance (in miles) between two latitude-longitude pairs using the Haversine formula.

Uses of SimpleEvalFunc in datafu.pig.hash

Subclasses of SimpleEvalFunc in datafu.pig.hash
 class MD5
          Computes the MD5 value of a string and outputs it in hex (by default).
 class SHA

Uses of SimpleEvalFunc in datafu.pig.random

Subclasses of SimpleEvalFunc in datafu.pig.random
 class RandInt
          Generates a uniformly distributed integer between two bounds.

Uses of SimpleEvalFunc in datafu.pig.stats

Subclasses of SimpleEvalFunc in datafu.pig.stats
 class Median
          Computes the median for a sorted input bag, using type R-2 estimation.
 class Quantile
          Computes quantiles for a sorted input bag, using type R-2 estimation.
 class WilsonBinConf
          Computes the Wilsonian binomial proportion confidence interval

Uses of SimpleEvalFunc in datafu.pig.urls

Subclasses of SimpleEvalFunc in datafu.pig.urls
 class UserAgentClassify
          Given a user agent string, this UDF classifies clients to 'mobile' and 'desktop'.

Uses of SimpleEvalFunc in datafu.pig.util

Subclasses of SimpleEvalFunc in datafu.pig.util
 class BoolToInt
          UDF which converts a Boolean to an Integer.
 class IntToBool
          UDF which converts an Integer to a Boolean.

Matthew Hayes, Sam Shah